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Why International Adoption?

Shane and Susan - Adopted from China: To be very honest, domestic adoption carried risks we were unable/unwilling to consider-the uncertainty of the wait time, the possibility of the birth mom “changing her mind” (and you are left w/NO recourse), the cost was about the same or less for China...there were various reasons why we were led to China.

My husband even tells people now that he is GLAD we weren't able to have our own bio child, because this way we are helping a child who was already born and needed a home just like we wanted/needed a child. We often discuss how we don't even “see” her as Chinese/Asian anymore; I find myself thinking of her future and catch myself wondering what of my habits/health issues she will have.....honest...then I catch myself. I think that says to me she is truly *MY* daughter in my heart. We are so thankful to God, the Chinese government, our agency AND her birthparents for allowing us this miracle of a lifetime.
We adopted from China, a precious little girl Hannah who was 15 months old the day we got home. We chose international adoption for various reasons. One being we were impressed with the stability of the China program and after our trip there, the country and the people are impossible not to fall in love with! We hope to go again for another daughter and we hope “someday” to be able to join our agency's mission/friendship teams to go to China and work at orphanages.

Monica, US –Adopted from Guatemala: Because we are "too old" -age 56 -to adopt from anywhere else. And now that we have checked out Guatemala, it sounds very positive.

Kristen - Adopted from China: My husband Frank and I have been happily married for almost 8 years. I have a 14 year old son from a previous relationship, and Frank is a wonderful stepdad. We have been trying for a baby practically the whole time we've been married, with no luck. After all the infertility testing, and a few procedures, we received conflicting advice from doctors. I had thought about China adoption for a long time but "knew" we couldn't afford it. One day I just realized we had to MAKE this happen. Now it seems like this was the right plan for us all along! We are doing a little fundraising and applying for grants...and I won $5,000 in a contest which got us started! I got the phone call on my cell telling me I had won while I was at in my first adoption interview - seems like a sign!

Alice, Washington - China and Vietnam: We wanted to adopt a child waiting for a family (a child already legally free for adoption) rather than one who might still have a chance to stay with his/her birth family. We felt that God was leading us to adopt from China.

Tina, New Hampshire - China.....someday: Because China is where my heart told me our daughter is waiting for us...

Kim, North Dakota - China, South Korea, Hong Kong: We chose international adoption primarily because we felt a calling there. While we had thought of a domestic situation, God made it clear to us we would adopt internationally.. Additionally, parents had tried to adopt from South Korea in 1963. While it did not work out, it most assuredly planted a seed in my heart because I had determined that I would adopt one day.. And we did--six times over!

Angela, Tennessee - Adopted from Guatemala: It's so close and we're able to visit our child during the process. We love the Latin American culture and can't wait to share it and learn about it with our daughter.

Crystal, Springfield MO - Adopted from China: We felt as if our home was missing someone, and we have a great love for China so that is why we chose Intl. adoption! To make our home complete!


Michele, Northern VA - Adopted from China:
Ever since I learned about the orphaned girls in China, I wanted to adopt one. God made me wait a long time though,until I had a the heart of a mother longing for a child.

Cindy, Virginia - Adopted from China: I’m 40 and my husband is 43. After trying to have a biological child for 3 years, we didn’t want to have to wait longer than necessary.

Susan, Tennessee - Adopted from Russia: I had my heart set on an infant.

Anne, New York - Adopted from Vietnam: My husband is from Vietnam.

John, Cincinnati - Adopting from China: We have a lot of ties to China. I traveled there after college and fell in love with the country and its people. My wife’s uncle taught at University in Beijing and we’ve got a few Chinese friends. It just seems like the right decision for us.

Tiffany, Chicago- Adopted from Russia: We were worried about the heartbreak that we read about with domestic adoption. We just felt like adopting internationally was safer for us. I know it’s irrational, but I was afraid of the open adoptions that they have in the US. I was afraid of what might happen years from now.

Nicole, Virginia – Adopted from Kazakhstan:
1) Too many want to adopt via Domestic
2) We have a strong international background through education and travel
3) Did not want an open adoption
4) Did not like the risks of Domestic
5) Wanted a finite timeline - domestic open ended
6) Wanted to parent a child that really needed parents

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