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Why International Adoption?


Daniela, Georgia - Adopted from China: I chose international adoption because 1) the uncertainty and political aspects of domestic adoption 2) I did not want to wait on a birth mother to choose me to parent her child 3) I wanted a little girl and domestic adoption does not guarantee a specific gender 4) the stability of China's adoption program 5) birth parents are unknown.

Marie, Washington State - Adopted from Guatemala: We agreed that waiting for a birthmother to choose us would be more difficult than the referral process offered by international adoption.

Renee, Cle Elum, Washington - Adopted from China: After meeting friends with an internationally adopted child and hearing stories from others about children in China, we became intrigued and began researching and decided it was for us, the rest is history:)

Why International Adoption?

Mary, Utah - Adopting from Guatemala: Ultimately, we felt we were led there by powers bigger than we! After much research and prayer we confirmed that decision. We love that our boys are in a loving foster home. We loved that we get to go visit them. We hate that everything is so up in the air - with no definite timelines or date expectations. I WANT A DUE DATE!!!

Joanie, Montana - Adopted from China: We choose China because we want a child and there are many children in China who need a family....It just fits!

Carolyn, Delaware – Adopted from Guatemala: International adoption more or less choose me.

Tammy, Indiana – Adopted from Guatemala: After 2 years of infertility I wanted some control over the process and I felt that with international adoption I had a little more control than a domestic one. At least the paperchasing part was up to me, and at least there were average time frames to work with. Plus, there is so much demand for domestic newborn adoptions and there are so many children needing homes abroad. I also didn't like the statistics that one out of every 2 birthmothers decide to parent in the US. Finally, I was excited about the opportunity to learn another culture and incorporate it into our family. And the children are gorgeous!

Heather, Sugar Hill, GA – Adopted from Guatemala: We wanted to adopt a little girl. We had already done a domestic adoption through an agency. We would not be allowed to choose the sex of the child using an agency and we were not willing to take on the risks involved in a private domestic adoption.

Why International Adoption?


Dee, Louisiana – Adopted from China: There were many reasons for choosing international adoption, but the main reason was because we wanted a daughter. We have 4 sons who are blessings to our family and we both wanted to have a daughter to make our family complete. We chose China because there are so many girls available for adoption and knew in our hearts that our daughter was there.

Susan, Port St. Lucie, Florida – Adopting from China: We are choosing International simply because the US is so messed up with its system of adoption! China has a great need, not that US kids don't but they are sooo organized!

Melanie, South Florida- Adopting from Russia:
I have always been drawn to Russia, for some reason. We were wary about domestic adoption, did not necessarily want a newborn, and we want to give a toddler orphan a home.

Paula, Atlanta, GA- Adopted from Russia: We had friends that had adopted two boys from Russia that were beautiful and so sweet. When we weren't able to conceive on our own we immediately started looking into adopting from Russia. Boy, am I glad we did. We have the most amazing son now.

Jodi, Kentucky – Adopted from Russia: Many reasons. One being that healthy American babies will be adopted, very few Russian babies will be. I have nothing against those who chose other paths this is where our hearts took us.

Anonymous, Upstate NY – Adopted from China: I'm single and it seemed to be the best option for me, almost the only. Also, a steady process in which you almost always have a child home in a defined period, not waiting for years for birth mom to pick you.

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