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What is a home study?



What is a home study? A home study is basically a report completed by a licensed social worker that details you, and if applicable, your family. The report is compiled using paperwork you supply along with a series of home visits. Some of the paperwork is similar to that required in a dossier. Although this is by no means an exhaustive list for all countries, the homestudy is a written report on many of your family’s details including:

  1. Personal Interviews - Individual and if married, as a couple

  2. Personal Backgrounds

  3. Biographic Information

  4. Citizenship Information

  5. Criminal Background Check

  6. Residence Details and Tour of Home

  7. Religious Beliefs

  8. Alcohol/Drug Use

  9. Physical Health

  10. References

  11. Background with Children

  12. Certificate of Child Care Class Work

  13. Certificate of CPR Class Work

Note: Managing the forms, laws and timings required during your adoption can be daunting and can cause lengthy and costly delays. Please consult a reputable and experienced agency for accurate and up-to-date information.

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