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Ukraine Adoption Stories

Personal Ukraine Adoption Stories highlighting the adoption journey.


Ukraine Adoption: Adoption from Ukraine has Opened Again!

"Journey to Adopt in Ukraine": Jim We are still waiting for an appointment. For some reason, we thought this process would go much faster. We are heading into our 5th week since the paperwork arrived and NAC and was translated. Hopefully we'll be traveling in the next 30 days and we will do our best to keep everyone updated! (more...)

"The Wrighttrip": The airport in Kiev was bustling with activity. We had no problems and quickly found our hosts Gayla and Eegor. We arrived at the flat and decided on TGI Fridays for dinner, but later we ended up at an Ukrainian place. (more...)

"Can't wait to bring Andrew home!!" Our Journey began on June 12th, 2001. Brian and I met with an adoption agency in Rockville, Maryland. That very night as Brian and I were driving home we made our decision. (more...)

Vitaly's Story, "Adoption Born from the Heart": Come with Us as We Travel to Ukraine to Adopt Our Son Vitaly in a Journey of a Lifetime!!!!
Day One: "Plane Day" 11:45 a.m. Dayton, Ohio- November 18th, 2000 I cannot believe our time to travel to Ukraine has finally arrived. We have planned, worked on our paperwork, and rerouted our adoption for almost one year. It almost seems surreal to be leaving in a few minutes. (more...)

The Weston Family: When we adopted Sonya and Nikitta two years ago, we decided during the trip that we would be returning to do it again. At the time we made the decision to return, we knew that there would be many things that we would have to do to be able to go back for more children. We were living in a 3 bedroom house, which was a stretch with 3 children. We also knew that Sonya and Nikitta needed our complete attention as they transitioned into a new life and our family. (more...)

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