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Taiwan Adoption

Taiwan adoptions and personal adoption stories.
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Taiwan adoption, although still fairly rare, has grown in recent years. The country accounted for less than 50 US adoptions in the past year. Adoptions from Taiwan are often on a shorter time frame than other Asian countries often occurring in less than 12 months. The birthparent(s) are involved in the referral process. There is a growing number of adoption programs in taiwan and taiwan adoption agencies in the US and other countries.

Travel is required by both parents and singles are accepted. Travel is often less than 2 weeks. In special situations, the child may be escorted to the prospective parent’s home but attendance at the in-country court proceedings is encouraged.

A home study as well as additional paperwork is required. The paperwork includes the Taiwan household registration of the child, certified statements from the adoptive parents to claim under which law the child is being adopted as well as a notarized contract between the biological parent(s) and the adoptive parent(s).

Children are available for adoption of all ages as well as special needs and occasionally siblings.

Read Taiwan Adoption Stories

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