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Ever since my wife and I even began to contemplate adoption, we have used the internet as a source of information, inspiration and comradely. I feel like I’ve been to almost every page—and then I find an entirely new topic to read about.
The adoption process has brought my wife and me closer than ever before. We day dream about the day our daughter arrives, we talk about our trip to China and we discuss what ‘type’ of parents we will be.
From people going through the adoption process for the first time to old pros who have children from several different countries, we love to read the personal experiences of people who have faced many of the same challenges and opportunities that we are going through.
We need your help to fill this site with stories about your experiences. Even a simple anecdote from your day might resonate with someone else contemplating international adoption.
Please send us your international adoption story, a link to a favorite web site, a photo or even a recipe that you think might make the day of someone embracing international adoption.

Please take a minute and share your ideas!


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