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Single Parent Adoption

Summary: Single parent adoption contines to grow. More singles are prospective parents look to adoption as a way to start a family. SIngle parent adoption is possible in many countries and many single parents have found adoption a very successful to bring a child in to their lives.


Adoptions by single parents seem to be a growing trend. Interest by singles at International Adoption Stories has certainly risen in the years we’ve been building the site.

Many countries and adoption agencies have aided singles parent adoption for years. Countries like Guatemala, Russia and many of its former republics welcome singles. A number of single parents have also had success adopting from China.

The challenges of single adoption don’t just start after the adoption is completed. These challenges seem to be an exceptional challenge starting at the decision making process. It also seems that as a single person adopting a child, every one around wants to offer their opinion of your decision. And not all of those decisions are supportive.

Having a good support network is one of the things that will make your adoption process, preparation and parenting much less of a strain. Many singles have help from family and friends which can range from emotional support to help with paperwork and the challenges of raising a child without a partner.

Same sex partners also qualify for adoption as single couples. Obviously controversial to some, same sex partners are not uncommon in adoption. Guatemala is one country that allows single parent adoption and is a draw for same sex couples.

A great way to fully understand the unique singles adoption process is to read the stories and blogs of people going through and celebrating international adoption. Below is a list of a number of blogs that you may want to visit along with some of the same sex stories we include in our site.

We’re also going to start following the process of single adoption by one woman who has been kind enough to let us watch as she prepares for her single adoption. Her name is and she’s has been generous enough to let us follow her single adoption.

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