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Russian Adoption Story

Kerik Family Story

Kerik Family Update! "The kids have adjusted well and Kenny is now 3 and Larisa is 5. Both are in preschool and Larisa is looking forward to Kindergarden next year. Both kids are still healthy and have adjusted to us and their new lives now after 2 years."

Our story begins the day Scott and I were married! We both knew that kids were to be a part of our future together. After just a short time not being able to conceive we went to the Doctor to get things checked out! Well onto the specialist for Invitro-Fertilization process we went! This is not an easy road! After the first one ended as a chemical pregnancy we decided to try one more time! Before the second time we went to the information seminar put on by EAC in our area! That was in April of 2003. Well in Sept 2003 we went ahead with the second IVF knowing that if this did not work it was God’s will that we adopt! So in October, after we found out that the second round was not a good one, there was no other choice for us! I called EAC to see what the process would be and how long it would take!

We knew after talking that one child was not what we wanted! Two was our choice. Did we dare to try to adopt 2 at once? Were we crazy? Well after looking at all of the people we know that adopted, several went back a second time to adopt another child within a year! The cost was the same as the first one! Why spend the money to travel twice when we could cut the total cost to adopt 2 by 25% while adopting 2 at once? OK that was it- we were going to be daring and go for two! Now what did we want? We sent in our application stating we wanted an infant girl and a toddler boy less than 3 years! The application was sent in sometime in December of 2003. Then started the paper chase! Plenty of paper work and many hours spent on the computer typing these up and researching all we could find on Russia!

On January 31,2004 (My birthday) we had our home study completed! By the time the finger prints came back and the final report from the home study were done it was about the end of March! Then on April 22, 2004 our Dossier was completed and sent to Russia! “Please get my babies home for Christmas!!!” was my only request to Julie Brusso, who was our EAC Rep! She listens to my complaints and cries and held my hand through it all! Well on top of adopting we were also building our new home. Yes at this time-- we were completely crazy!!! We were told the process for two children as we requested; an infant girl and toddler boy, would take 1 year! So we figured in October we would get a referral! So plenty of time to get the house finished!

It was a Friday evening in May and I was waiting for Scott to come home from work. The phone rang! Julie was on the other end! How are you doing? “OK” I replied, what is up? “Just calling to check in on you.” She replied. Well Scott and I were already having problems trying to decide if we were going to get a toddler boy circumcised or not! This was a problem for both of us as we had different views. So I was telling Julie about this and she said what about if you changed the ages of the kids and took a toddler girl and an infant boy? Well I will talk to Scott about that and let you know!

Scott and I talked and decided that if we were meant to have a toddler girl, God would send us a sign! Well, the following Monday, while my father and I were up painting the walls of the new house, my cell phone rang! I was shocked to hear Julie at the other end telling me I needed to get to a landline! That would take me 30 minutes to drive back home! What is up??? Well I about hit the floor when she said I have a referral for you! No Way!!! What are they? An infant boy of 8 months and a toddler girl of 2+ years! I was so excited and could not stop crying and screaming! My poor father!!!! Well I called Scott and totally forgot to tell EAC to send the referral info to Scott’s office. (more...)

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