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PGN in Guatemala

Summary: The PGN in Guatemala acts as the official adoption office in Guatemala. Paperwork is processed through the PGN and referrals are made through this department with the assistance of an attorney working through the PGN in Guatemala.

PGN in Guatemala

The official adoption office is the PGN in Guatemala. PGN stands for Procuradoria General de la Nacion. Procuradoria is a Spanish term that is used in Central America. Its relative to jurisprudence in Guatemala. The PGN in Guatemala is made up of lawyers, judges, counselors and administrators as a combination of the US Immigration Service and elements of the Justice Department. The Procurador is the person who manage and administers laws on behalf of people adopting through the PGN in Guatemala.

In order to comply with The Hague Convention, the PGN in Guatemala was set up to act as the central department with authority over adoption in Guatemala. In addition to standardizing the adoption process, the Hague Convention is also an effort to stop the trafficking of children.

The PGN in Guatemala is the group that receives the paperwork prepared by prospective parent(s). The PGN reviews the paperwork and analyzes it against the adoption requirements required by Guatemala and the guidelines of The Hague Convention.

It is important to note, that the PGN in Guatemala does not charge a fee for adoptions. Many unscrupulous operators will attempt to charge vulnerable prospective parent(s) for this service.

Recently, many prospective parent(s) have reported that there have been delays in receiving referrals as they wait for approval from the pgn in Guatemala. The timeline seems to vary greatly from month to month in terms of referrals. The PGN in Guatemala provides referrals as quickly as 4 weeks and often stretches out the waiting period to 12 weeks.

Called the Notarial System, adoptions in Guatemala are facilitated by attorneys in the country. These attorneys specialize in adoptions and work to refer children available for adoption to prospective parent(s). These attorneys are also the point of contact between the prospective parent(s), their representatives and adoption agencies and the PGN in Guatemala. The unusual situation involved in the attorney representation with the PGN in Guatemala and throughout the adoption process is that the attorney is representing both the adoptive parent(s) and the orphan.

The PGN in Guatemala will also be the agency that requests documents from the legal representative of the prospective parent(s) as the adoption process continues.

The PGN in Guatemala is also involved in registering the approved power of attorney to the Guatemalan attorney who will be representing the prospective parent(s) in the country. The Spanish phrase ‘Protocolización del Mandato de Representación” refers to this process.

The PGN in Guatemala will be responsible for approval. At this point, the prospective parent(s) gain the legal responsibility for the adopted child. The child’s birthmother, if known, will then approve the adoption and a birth certificate will be issued listing the adoptive parent(s).

In addition to interactive with the PGN in Guatemala, the attorney will also represent prospective parent(s) with the USCIS or US Citizenship and Immigration Services and the DHS or Department of Homeland Security. The USCIS/DHS is the US agency responsible for issuing immigrant visas to children being adoption.

From within the US, mail the USCIS at:
American Embassy
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Unit 3334
APO AA 34024

The USCIS has a helpful web site that is available at:

As stated before, the PGN doesn’t charge adoption fees.

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