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After enduring two unsuccessful invitro cycles, we came to realize adoption was the BEST choice to form our family.

My daughter was born in China. Going to China to receive our daughter was the most amazing thing I've experienced in my life. Finally, my long awaited desire to parent came to fruition. Our daughter was brought home in January 1999 at 11 months.

After completing the first adoption, it didn't take us very long to decide to adopt a second time. We wanted a son and decided on domestic adoption to fulfill our goal. We received our sweet son in March 2002. He was 7 weeks old.

Our son came to us within 6 months of beginning the adoption process. It was virtually painless. One of the reasons it happened so quickly is the fact he's African American. African American boys are difficult to place in the U.S. There are many African American baby boys in need of loving parents.

We are a rainbow family. Our inside joke is we take diversity with us everywhere we go.

We decided it was best for me to stay at home to care for our children. I knew I didn't want to place my children in childcare. As a result, we had to tighten our financial belts living on one income. I'm a creative person so I decided to start my own small business handcrafting beaded gemstone jewelry. I love creating the jewelry designs and it gives me the chance to work from home and be here for my children.

Because adoption is so close to my heart, I started making adoption design jewelry. My adoption bracelets have been a success. It feels so good to make a piece so meaningful and worthwhile. I've gotten requests from "expecting" moms to make a custom design as they wait to bring their child home. The mom who bought the piece helped her feel more connected in the waiting process of adoption. It was very uplifting for me to play a small part in giving comfort in something tangible for the waiting mom to be.

It seemed so right for me to channel my feelings about adoption into my design work. I've received many compliments on the designs as being truly unique and meaningful.

The adoption designs offer a way to bring more awareness to the ever changing way families are formed.

Blessings to all families waiting or have formed their family through adoption.

I thank you, in advance, if you take time to view my site.

Barbara Giordano


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