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Kazakhstan Adoption Stories

Adoptive families share their experiences from finding their adoption agency to their child joining their family through Kazakhstan Adoption.


Couple Wait, Wonder if Boy Will Join Family: Dr. Cheryl Bigger always taught her children to look out for others, accept people for who they are and see beyond one-dimensional barriers such as race, color and nationality. (more...)

Empowerment of At-Risk Children is This Volunteer's Mission: When Suzanne Scholten graduated from college, she was all set to find a great job in marketing. It didn't take her long to realize that the business world wouldn't be such a good fit. (more...)

Nicole's Adoption Journey: Today is January 20... two months since I met my daughter, on November 20 in the orphanage at Karakastek, Kazakhstan, and one month since Alison and I arrived home on December 20. (more...)

The Great Tabolsky Journey: Welcome to our adoption story! In the autumn of 2001, we embarked on a journey of a lifetime that concluded 10 months later as we returned from Kazakhstan with a beautiful addition to our family: our new son, Gabriel Timor. (more...)

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