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India Adoption: News About Adoption from India

Summary: It looks like there will soon be new rules on India Adoption according to the Indian government.


According to The Hindu, the national newspaper of India, the government of India has announced plans to ease restrictions on adoptions by foreigners.

Chairman of the Central Adoption Resource Agency, J.K. Mittal, told PTI, “We have set up a review committee to go through the guidelines so that the process of adoption in India is simplified.”

The main motivation for reviewing the process is to stop the application of outdated rules to children that may be hurt in the process.

Currently, there are very restrictive rules in place regarding inter-country adoption that date back to the mid-1950s that were relaxed in the mid ‘70s and again recently. The latest restructuring promises to streamline the adoption process.

Officially, a foreigner must take legal guardianship of a child, depart the country and then adopt the child at a later date from home. This process is unsure at best and results in long delays.

Government officials also ensure that the process will not be eased to the extent that it would jeopardize the health or safety of Indian children.

The adoption process in India is considered cumbersome compared to countries like China and Guatemala. Although each of those countries is currently facing more restrictive adoption rules, the process in each is much more predictable.

To adopt from India prospective parents must get a domestic agency to “sponsor” their adoption. They then must work with a local representative as foreigners are not allowed to directly adopt children in any court.

According to UNICEF, of the United Nations, there were 25,700 orphans in India in 2006.

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