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Holt International Adoption Agency

Summary: Holt International is an international adoption agency that has roots dating back to its first adoptions nearly 50 years ago. Holt International has adoption programs in an amazing list of countries, adoption offices in 7 states and cooperating agencies throughout the U.S. The work of Holt International goes well beyond adoption.


Holt International has been involved with international adoption for nearly 50 years. The adoption agency believes that, “it is the fundamental right of every child to have a family.” Holt International offers programs in Bulgaria, China, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Korea, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Philippines, Romania, Thailand, Uganda, Ukraine and Vietnam and domestic adoptions in the United States.

According to their website, “Holt International Children’s Services is recognized as the leader in the field of international adoption and permanency planning for children.” And almost anyone in the adoption community would agree. Holt International is one of the largest international adoption agencies

Holt International began working in adoption in the 1950s as the agency’s founders adopted 8 Korean Children. The concept of intercountry adoption was new and they saw the opportunity at the end of the Korean War. They worked hard as adoption advocates changing the perception of adoption as Holt International continues to do today.

As the largest adoption agency in terms of children placed, Holt International has worked to place nearly 40,000 children in the US. Holt International Children's Services is a non-profit 501(c)(3).

There are 7 Holt International branch offices and a large network of cooperating agencies throughout the country that allow Holt International to serve all of the United States.

Holt International Oregon
Capitol Plaza
9320 S.W. Barbur Blvd. Suite 220
Portland, OR 97219
Phone: (503) 244-2440
Fax: (503) 245-2498
Branch Manager: Sharon E. Fako

Holt International California
3807 Pasadena Ave., Suite 115
Sacramento, CA 95821
Phone: (916) 487-4658
Toll Free: (888) 744-HOLT
Fax: (916) 487-7068
Branch Director: Michelle Johnson

Holt International MidWest including
Holt International South Dakota
Holt International Nebraska
Holt International Iowa
10685 Bedford Ave., Suite 300
Omaha, NE 68134
Phone: (402) 934-5031
Fax: (402) 934-5034
Branch Manager: Cathy Kroeze

Holt International
Missouri Office (main office)
203 Huntington Rd
Kansas City MO 64113
phone: 816-822-2169
fax 816.523.8379

Holt International Kansas
5330 College Blvd
Leawood, KS 66211
Phone: 785.448.2511

Holt International Arkansas
5016 Western Hills Ave.
Little Rock, AR 72204
Phone: (501) 568-2827
Fax: (501) 568-2827
Branch Manager: Lynn Sims

Holt International New Jersey
340 Scotch Road
Trenton, NJ 08628
Phone: (609) 882-4972
Fax: (609) 883-2398
Branch Manager: Chris Schuetz

A listing of their offices and partner agencies can be found at:

Holt International also works to assist people financial if needed. An example of Holt International’s financial assistance can be seen in their willingness to reduce program fees for moderate to severe special-needs children.

Beyond adoption, Holt International works to assist children in many countries around the world; providing financial assistance for medical issues as well as expertise in adoption issues.

Hold also offers a child sponsorship program that asks only 83 cents per day from donors. This money is used to provide clothing, care, medical treatment and meals for orphans throughout the world. This allows people to help children in need of basic support while receiving progress reports and the opportunity to follow the child.

The agency also works to provide services for birthparents, adoptees and adoptive parents throughout their lives.

In 2004, Holt International boasts that it served over 34,972 children throughout the world. The agency hosts annual picnics as reunions and information sessions throughout the U.S.

Holt International also prepares a well respected magazine for families of adoption, prospective parents of adoption and international adoption stories. Holt International Magazine http://www.holtintl.org/hifamilies/

Holt International
P.O. Box 2880
1195 City View
Eugene, OR 97402
(541) 687-2202
Fax: (541) 683-6175
Email: info@holtinternational.org

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