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We met our daughter, Lila Grace Xinjin, on the internet.


Funny place for us to meet our child, right?

WRONG! There are literally thousands of "waiting children" in the world.

Our little girl lived in an orphanage in Xi'An,Shaanxi Province, China.

She was born on March 26, 2001... and arrived home to Royal Oak, Michigan on February 26th, 2004. She was adopted in China on February 14th, 2004.

Check out her pics to see what a beauty she is!

If you think adoption has to be expensive and that it takes forever, consider a waiting child. Sure, they might be a little older or have a mild issue that needs corrected, but there are children out there that need homes and are waiting.

There is usually a reduction in fees, and the timeline is almost always shorter.

Adoption is possible in almost every household that applies for a homestudy!

Don't let the little things scare you... they just want to make sure that you are going to be able to provide for a child.

People sometimes ask me things like "why adopt from China when you could adopt a child from the U.S.?". Let me answer that. WE TRIED. Every child we called on was either visiting with a family, had a plan to be reunited with their family, or had a serious emotional issue or multiple serious issues to deal with.

We called on 200 children. We got 3 responses. All 3 children had SEVERE issues... one had even tried to kill their previous mother.

So, it isn't as easy as the movies make it out to be. There are THOUSANDS of parents wanting to adopt in the United States and there just aren't enough children to go around.

Then a call to Harrah Family Services in Texas changed our lives! They are a wonderful agency with compassionate people who will not only answer all your questions, they will tell you all about the fees, waiting times, and issues going on with China at the time.

They won't try and sugarcoat things for you...

They are real people with hearts the size of their state!



Read more and see the latest pictures of Lila Grace at: www.angelfire.com/hero/lilagracewatch/index.html



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