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Guatemala Adoption

Summary: Guatemala Adoption is a great option for many prospective families with easy travel and a quick referral process. Many new procedures have been put in place to standardize the adoption process in Guatemala.

The U.S. Government announces that it no longer recommends adoption from Guatemala.

Guatemala Adoption News: U.S. State Department Comments on Guatemala Adoption and the Need for Greater Oversight.


Guatemala Adoption is an attractive choice for international adoption for a number of reasons. Recent Guatemala adoptions have been evenly split between girls and boys.

Many of the children available in the Guatemala are relatively young—a large percentage of Guatemala adoption are under 1 year old. Although many couples travel twice, Guatemala requires only a short visit and travel is considered easy. There are few restrictions on who can adopt from Guatemala.

The number of children in Guatemala adoption continues to grow. In 2005, 3,783 people turned to Guatemala, up from nearly 2,500 children in 2003 by United States citizens. (Adoption Statistics for 2005)

The process of Guatemala adoption is relatively brief and can be completed in as little as 6 months-- but adoptions can be comparatively expensive as country fees are currently $19,000. This fee goes toward legislative costs and attorney fees, but also pays for the foster care and medical care of your child from acceptance of referral until the adoption is finalized.

The compact Guatemala adoption process requires prospective parents to complete a dossier outlining their qualifications as parents.

Very briefly, the Guatemala adoption process then generally follows the following steps: after the dossier's translation, the couple is paired with a child- a process called referral. Upon accepting the referral, the couple signs a power of attorney to an attorney in Guatemala who acts on their behalf throughout the process. The child and his or her birth mother are then DNA tested in an effort to guard the child and his or her birthmother against baby trafficking.

The attorney will meet with the birthmother four times during the adoption process. The attorney then petitions the PGN in Guatemala for approval of the Guatemala adoption.

Upon approval, an adoption decree is written and the infant becomes the child of the adoptive parents and they travel to Guatemala to meet their child. The Guatemala adoption is then completed.

Guatemala adoption photolisting services are another tool for prospective parents to use during the adoption process.

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Guatemala Adoption
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Guatemala Adoption
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Guatemala Adoption
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Guatemala Adoption
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Guatemala Adoption
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Guatemala Adoption
I-600A:One of the keys to adoption paper work and the Guatemala adoption process is the I-600A. The I-600A is the "Application For Advance Processing of Orphan Petition".

Guatemala Adoption
Adoption Tax Credit:The US Tax code allows for a tax credit of over $10,000 for Guatemala Adoption.

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