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Guatemala Adoption: Inspiring Stories of child adoption.

Read about the amazing journeys these familes took in their Guatemala adoption stories. Each of these stories is an emotional journey. Struggles, highs and lows and love during these Guatemala adoption stories.


Guatemala Adoption Stories
"Guatemalan Adoption Laws": A parents perspective on Guatemala Adoption.

Guatemala Adoption Stories
Focus on Adoption Implores Department of State to Implement Solutions For Children and Prevent Country Shutdown.

Guatemala Adoption Stories
"Local Woman Materializes Adoption Dream": Lisa Lisiecki spent most of her young adulthood hopping from college campus to college campus to advance her career in student affairs, often working 10 to 14 hour days.(more...)

Guatemala Adoption Stories
"Long paperwork pregnancy.: Couple spent about a year navigating through foreign adoption procedures." Bill and April Reed believe that if God taught them anything during a yearlong adoption process, it is patience. (more...)

Guatemala Adoption Stories
Christian Adoption with Celebrate Children International: These were challenges Michael and Brianna Nelson heard from the pulpit early this year as they thought about, prayed about, and researched adoption. February 11, 2005 they stumbled upon an agency on the internet with the logo Reach for the Stars.(more...)

Guatemala Adoption Stories
The Resilient Life of Little Juana: If you don’t believe kids are resilient, you haven’t met five-year-old Juana Olson of Grantsburg. Her mother died during child-birth, her dad wasn’t around, the uncle taking care of her as an infant turned her over to a state mental institution, and she eventually ended up in an orphanage. (more...)

Guatemala Adoption Stories
Hope, Anticipation, Wonder: There is a new “scrappy chick” in Landrum and she traveled a long way to get here. Marly Humphries traveled to Landrum from Guatemala with her new adoptive parents, Scott and Dana, owners of “One Scrappy Chick” in Landrum. (more...)

Guatemala Adoption Stories
Journey of a lifetime: Galva woman's Visit to Guatemalan Orphanages Changed Her Forever: "It's so heartbreaking to know that when you walk out, you leave them behind, and you don't know what future they have," said Galva resident Gloria Wilson, as she wiped away tears. (more...)

Guatemala Adoption Stories
Smiles to Honduras -A Fremont family has found a way to help malnourished children in Honduras.Dr. Thomas McKnight, his wife, Evelyn, and sons, Luke, Curtis, and Alex, delivered supplies to this Central American country during a December vacation.Luke and Curtis are medical students at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Alex is a freshman at the University of Notre Dame. All like to travel in Central and South America so they can practice their Spanish. (more...)

Guatemala Adoption Stories
Perfect Little Boy from Guatemala: On April 9, 2004 we (Jay and Heidi) were expectant parents anxiously pacing the floor in the lobby of the Westin Camino Real hotel in Guatemala City.(more...)

Guatemala Adoption Stories
John and Bill's Adoption Story: We brought our son home from Guatemala on October 17, 2002. His name is John Daniel (Danny) and he was born April 16, 2001. We think he's the most precious little boy in the world. (more...)

Guatemala Adoption Stories
Guatemala Adoption—Our Story: We finally got Andrew! He is great joy and blessing to us. The whole adoption experience was amazing, trying, joyful, gut-wrenching and most of all…totally worth it! Praise be to God for choosing our family to care for and nurture this beautiful baby boy. (more...)

Guatemala Adoption Stories
Bring Manuel Home: I became a police officer in June 1988. At that time I was a single mom raising a 7-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son. In 1995 another son joined my family. These children are the greatest joy in my life, and have turned into such wonderful people. (more...)

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