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Guatemala Adoption News

Summary: Guatemala Legislators Tighten Adoption Rules


New laws in Guatemala hope to regulate adoption

The Congress in Guatemala passed new laws recently to tighten adoption law within the country. After recent pressure from many countries, including the U.S., the country has enacted restrictions aimed at limiting criminal enterprises that have taken advantage of the old system.

The new law will eliminate mediators, create an oversight body to regulate adoption and will prohibit birth-parents from receiving money for placing their child for adoption.

With over 5,000 foreign adoptions from Guatemala in 2006, there was growing concern about the legality of some of the adoptions carried out in the country.

The law is expected to soon be signed by President Oscar Berger.

"We hope to bring an end to these criminal mafias of lawyers and illegal foster homes that have run adoptions in the country," Congresswoman Nineth Montenegro told reporters after the vote.

Ethical issues have been an ongoing issue with adoptions from Guatemala. These new laws address many of the concerns which recently motivated the U.S. State Department to limit recommending adoptions from Guatemala.

The new laws also move Guatemala closer to ratifying the Hague Convention. The Hague Convention was created to regulate international adoption and strictly limits rules on adoption. Many countries, including the U.S. and Guatemala are looking to ratify the treaty soon.

The law also stipulates that adoptions that are in process will proceed. This accounts for nearly 4,000 adoptions where adoptive parents have already been identified and matched with adoptive children.

Guatemala Adoption News.

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