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The experience of an older child from Romania.

An adoptee tells her story of adoption from Fundatia Humanitara Debora.


I was adopted in 2002 from Fundatia Humanitara Debora Arad.

I was adopted by a family in Florida. I stayed with my family for about a year because they could not understand where I was coming from.

After that year past they put me in foster care after foster care and even in a treatment facility because they thought something was wrong with me, because I couldn't get attached to them.

It was very hard for me to love them after Ii spent 12 years in Romania.

I didn't know what love was because I was in a Orphanage from the age of 3.

Now I am 18 in America and I am trying really hard to succeed. I finished High School and I have my diploma, I'm also certified in CNA.

God has made all this possible, without him I wouldn't of made it this far.

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