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International Adoption - China

"Can I have a potsticker for dinner, daddy?" (China)

Our adoption story

Our story began just over 20 years ago, when my husband Bob and I married. He asked me to marry him after taking me on the most romantic engagement date. A limo to Paine field, an airplane trip to Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands and then a boat cruise to Rosario Resort where we became engaged. After that, we had an amazing wedding at the Sea-Tac Marriott Hotel, a two-week honeymoon in Tahiti and a whirlwind life after that.
We are very avid snow skiers and we love boating, spending a great deal of time with friends on ski trips, camping trips, and

weekend get-a-ways. My husband felt very strongly about not having children for five years, so that we could have time to be together and strengthen our relationship, having alone time before the children came along.

We had discussed adoption before we were married, saying that it would be an amazing way to have a baby, take care of a life that was already brought into the world, but little did I know that due to the inability to become pregnant, we would actually make our family grow by adoption! So, five years and one month after we were married, our son Blake came along through domestic adoption.

It was a snowy day in February as we drove to Mount Vernon, Washington to pick up our 3 day old son at the adoption agency. My husband and my mother and I sat anxiously waiting for our caseworker to bring him in. We could hear him screaming in the hallway and she came in and placed him in my arms. It was an amazing moment as I held my new son (screaming). We brought him home that night and after a night of zero sleep, I wondered how I would ever get through this. But, the next week brought a child that slept through the night every night and each day I fell more and more in love with my child. (more...)

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Read more of the Parkins' story. Along with information on their upcoming trip to China. www.geocities.com/latterenee/chinadolls

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