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China Adoption News

With the eyes of the world pointing more and more often to China, the country has decided to place new tightened restrictions on adoption.

With China acting as the host of the upcoming 2008 Olympics and China’s growing economy, the country is front page news almost every day.

This week, it grabbed headlines with a laundry list of restrictions on prospective parents in an effort to, “only choose the most ideal candidates”.

Foreigners wishing to adopt from China must now be under 50 years old, have a body mass index below 40 and can’t be on any type of antidepressant medication. The country is closing adoptions to singles but encouraging adoptions by wealthy couples.

The official policy has not been released, but a number of US agencies have confirmed conversations they have had with China Center for Adoption Affairs (CCAA).

The length of time between submitting a dossier, to receiving a referral has already grown dramatically recently. Couples adopting in late 2004 were waiting about 6 months for their referrals, current waiting times are approximately 15 months.

There is no doubt that this new policy will have a devastating effect on people preparing to begin the adoption process.

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