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International Adoption - China

International adoption can best be understood by reading personal stories from adoptive parents telling the story of their adoption journey. Their adoption search starts with an adoption agency and ends, hopefully, with an infant, toddler or teen.

"Our Journey to Jasmine" tells the adoption story of an adoption from China.

We left for China on Sunday evening, May 11, 2003 which was Mother's Day!!!

We had a very long flight with quite a few connections. We flew from Cincinnati to Los Angeles to Taipei to Hong Kong to Guangzhou to Changsha.

It was a very long trip which was made very stressful due to the constant taking of our temperatures because of SARS. I think we must have had our temperature taken at least a dozen times during the entire trip.

When we finally arrived in Changsha, Hunan on Tuesday, May 13 we checked into the Huatian Hotel (very nice I might add) and went to bed exhausted but excited because we knew we were getting the babies the following day!!!!

Matt was so excited to get his little girl. Just look at him grinning


Hong Kong from the plane
Wednesday, May 14, 2003
The day we had waited for for almost a year and a half had finally arrived.
We were finally united with our beautiful daughter.


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