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Childrens Hope International Adoption Agency

Children’s Hope International places over 800 children each year. Children's Hope International Adoption

Childrens Hope International is proud of assisting over 800 children each year. Childrens Hope International is an international adoption agency that had its start as an education center before becoming an international adoption agency in 1992 as Childrens Hope International/ China’s Children. The first program of Childrens Hope International was in China.

Childrens Hope International currently is offering programs in China, Russia, Colombia Guatemala, India and Vietnam.

Childrens Hope International has offices in St. Louis, Seattle, Portland, Phoenix, Kansas City, Chicago, Dallas, Nashville, New York, Florida, California and New England.
There are also Childrens Hope International offices in many of the countries and regions where there are programs.

According to Childrens Hope International, their staff is bi-lingual to help with the challenges in each country and that they are proud to hire only people of “integrity and trust”.

Childrens Hope International also offers a great newsletter from their website with some of the latest news on the agency and the families they have helped.

Childrens Hope International is a full service agency that will walk you through every step of the adoption process.

This full service adoption agency can be seen in their approach to China adoptions. Childrens Hope International will make all fo the arrangements and appointments for you while you are in China. One of the agency’s staff will meet and assist you through the process in China.

Childrens Hope International
11780 Borman Drive
St. Louis, MO 63146
(314) 890-0086
(314) 427-4288

Childrens Hope International

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