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Baby Furniture

Our Story


It's almost time to start shopping for baby furniture for our daughter's bedroom. With July (hopefully) and the referral of our daughter from China just around the corner it's time to start heading to the store to buy baby clothes, a crib, stroller and furniture for the nursery – not to mention the first of what I know will be an endless supply of diapers. Everything that first time parents need. If we get caught up- it's off to Babies R Us and Gap Kids to look for more things for the baby. But all of that is unimportant because we know that the laughter of our daughter isn’t far behind.

For my wife and me, the quest to have a child has led to the process of international adoption. And the decision to adopt internationally has opened our eyes to an incredibly diverse community of people who have adopted, are thinking about foreign adoption or are in the process of adopting. We’ve found an amazingly supportive group and a ‘library’ of answers to all of our adoption questions.

The support community is amazing. We had no idea that there was such an active community - not only of families with children from China, but from Russia, Kazakhstan, Guatemala and countless other countries around the world.

The adoption process has brought my wife and me closer as well. Every day we feel the anticipation growing as we share our adoption story with almost everyone we meet. Family and friends have all been so supportive. It seems that everyone knows someone who adopted internationally.

Susan and I came to our decision to adopt from China fairly easily. After a miserable experience trying to have a biological child, adopting from China was an easy decision. I fell in love with the country when I traveled there for work in 1996. I spent 3 weeks in and around Beijing shooting a video and found the country and its people remarkable. Susan and I have Chinese friends that we met in grad school and Susan’s uncle also taught at university in Beijing and Hong Kong. All signs seemed to point east.

After choosing our adoption agency, we filled out miles of paperwork. We were poked and prodded by doctors, finger printed by the local police and feds, went to classes and seminar, passed a visit from the fire department, wrote lots of checks and, now almost a year later, we are waiting for the referral of our little girl.

The anticipation is growing. Hopefully we’ll have our referral sometime in July and travel to pick up our daughter in August or September. It seems like so far off and so close all at the same time. I know I should savor this time. I shouldn’t wish it away. But I can’t wait until I can hear the little feet or our daughter running through the house and hold her in my arms.

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