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What's the one piece of baby gear you can't live without? Why?

Add Your Experience!


Kris, Pennsylvania - Adopted from Russia: Our MccLaren umbrella stroller was the best gift, we use it all the time, it is so lightweight, durable and user friendly, I can open and fold it with one hand.

The Baby Bjorn was a Godsend for us, both for travel (our son was only 5 1/2 months at the time) and when home, it really helped with bonding, I could hold him close yet still have my hands free to take care of things.

The best toy which my son still loves at 15 months is the Leap Start Learning Table, when they are little, the legs come off so they can have tummy time on the floor and play with it and then as they grow, it is great to help pull up to stand.

The other greatest toy for us was the step and play piano as an activity center, our son still loves it, the seat is out, so he uses it as an play table now.

Amanda, Louisiana - Adopted from China: When we were getting ready to leave for China to pick up our daughter, a friend gave us a sling type baby carrier. At first I thought it seemed a little weird, but I promised to give it a try. When we got to China and picked up our little girl, I carried her around in it every day. It was a great chance for us to be close and to bond. I wouldn't have traded that time together for anything in the world.

Liz and Brian, Denver - Adopted from Guatemala: We have a Graco stroller that we use every day. We take walks almost every night and it's a great transition between the rush of the day and night time.

Janet, U.S. - Adopted from Russia: It's not really baby gear, but our adoption relied a lot on hand sanitizer and baby wipes. We were always on the go and those two things helped me keep my sanity without worrying about what we were getting in to.

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