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International Adoption Links

Choose a category below to see links to sites full of information about adoption. Many of these site have provided content to InternationalAdoptionStories.com.

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Asia Links

Adopting from Korea and Afterwards: Prospective parent's guide to Korean adoption.

Families with Children from China (FCC) - With links to active local chapters, FCC is a great information provider and support group. The group is a nondenominational organization with the purpose of providing a network of support for families who've adopted in China and to provide information to prospective parents.

Families with Children from Viet Nam (FCV) - The national adoption support network for families who have adopted from Viet Nam and for prospective parents who wish to adopt a child from Viet Nam.

The Assistant Stork: A great mix of useful links on a variety of subjects. From paperwork to maps and travel information.

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