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Adoption 101

A basic guide for new comers to adoption.

Adoption Agency: Listed by State

Our growing list of Adoption Agency information including adoption programs, contact information, addresses and office locations.

Choose an Adoption Agency

A great article with information on how to choose an adoption agency. How much can you afford to spend? What about the issue of race and adoption. All of these questions and more all go in to choosing the right adoption agency.

Adoption Acronyms

It doesn't take long during the adoption process to learn that there's a special language of letters and numbers you'll need to know to communicate. Check out this list of Adoption Acronyms.

Post Adoption Concerns

The effects of living in an institution, racism, health issues and the stress of parenting are all issues for parents in their new post adoption world. An article written by pediatric nurse practioner Kimberly Meehan.

Baby Adoption

A summary of adoption comparing both international adoption and domestic adoption in terms of costs, travel and child history. This article is a sketch of adoption options for prospective parents.

Adoption Baby Gear

Visitors to International Adoption Stories share their personal experiences on what piece of adoption gear they just can't live without. Learn from the experience of other parents of adoption who have traveled to meet their new children.

Waiting for Our Adoption and Shopping for Baby Furniture

After sending our adoption dossier to China, I wrote this article about our anticipation. We adopted our daughter almost a year ago, but this article captures the spirit of waiting from one dad's perspective.

Child Adoption Continues to Grow

International Adoption is a growing aption for children and prospective parents from around the world as they look across the world to start or grow their family.

Adoption Statistics for 2005

China sees a large increase in adoption with an increase of over 12% versus 2004. Adoption from Russia is down dramatically over 2004. Find out about international adoption and the number of children adopted internationally in 2005.

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Adoption Information