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Ask the Adoption Doctor: Questions

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•Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post traumatic stress disorder caused by instituional living. (Read Doctor Rogu on PostTraumatic Stress Disorder)

•Choosing a Pediatrician

How to choose a Pediatrician for your Internationally adopted child? (Read Doctor Rogu's answer about Post Adoption Behaviors.)

•Post Adoption Behaviors

I have heard that many Institutionalized children exhibit many peculiar behaviors shortly after arriving home. Can you described some of these behaviors and what does a new adoptive parent need to do to help over come these behaviors? (Read Doctor Rogu's answer about Post Adoption Behaviors.)

•Congenital Hip Dysplasia

We just received a referral of a 1 year old child to evaluate. The report states that she has "dysplasia of coxofermoral joints". I'm wondering if this is the same as "hip dysplasia" which I understand appears on a lot of referrals. (Read Doctor Rogu's answer about Hip Dysplasia

•Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Can Fetal alcohol syndrome be distinguished by doctors and is there a test that can be performed to help with the diagnosis? (Read Doctor Rogu's answer about FAS)


What challenges can be expected when arthrogryposis is indicated on the adoptive child's medical record? (Read Doctor Reilly's answer about Arthrogryposis)

•China Adoption Medical Issues

China Adoption Medical Issues (Read Doctor Rogu's answer about China Medical Issues)

•Adoption Preparation

Question: How to choose a Pediatrician for your Internationally adopted child? (Read Doctor Rogu's answer about Choosing a Pediatrician)

•Adoption Preparation

Question: What can the adoption community do as a whole in order to better prepare their families for International adoption? (Read Doctor Rogu's answer about Adoption Preparation)

•Child Abuse

Question: Is child abuse more prevalent in parents that adopt a child Internationally as opposed to parents who have biological children? (Read Doctor Rogu's answer about Child Abuse)

•Lactose Intolerance

Question: Because a high percentage of internationally adopted children are Asian and therefore naturally prone to lactose intolerance issues, can you discuss Giardia’s effects on a child's ability to digest lactose?(Read Doctor Rogu's answer about Lactose Intolerance)

•Tetrology of the Fallot (TOF)

Question: This handsome little guy looks healthy and happy. He has a wonderful smile for those he knows but he tends to be more of a serious baby. This little boy "was born with a heart condition that has been diagnosed as Tetrology of the Fallot (TOF)." What medical requirements might this child have? (Read Doctor Reilly's answer about tetrology of the fallot)

•Reactive Attachment Disorder (rad)

Question: RAD is a common yet under diagnosed entity in internationally adopted children. Could you explain this condition? (Read Doctor Rogu's answer about Reactive Attachment Disorder)

•Post Adoption Medical Exam

In the USA, generalized routine laboratory screening of healthy children is not standard of care. In children that are internationally adopted, extensive screening tests are performed because of a multitude of reasons. (Read Doctor Rogu's article about Medical Exams.

Psychologist: Doctor Lerner

•ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Question: I have heard that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is more common among adoptive children than the general population. Is this true? And, if so, why? (Read Doctor Lerner's answer about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - ADHD)

Social Worker: Leslie Zindulka's

•Post Placement Home Visits

Question: What is the purpose of post- placement visits and what do they cover? (Read Leslie Zindulka's answer about Post Placement Visits)

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