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Ask the Doctor: Archives

Physician - Psychologist - Social Worker

--Please send us your questions about medical issues you encounter regarding adoption. We engage a team of physicians, psychologists and social workers with a special concentration in adoption issues. Click here to "Ask the Adoption Doctor"--

Physician: Dr. Rogu and Dr. Reilly

•Blind Referrals:

Question: "I have a "blind referral" but I would feel more comfortable if a medical professional reviews my child's data and video while I am traveling overseas. How can I prepare the medical package and how do I get the data back home in a timely fashion?" (Read Doctor Rogu's answer about Blind Referrals)

•Post Traumatic Stress Disorder:

PTSD or Post traumatic stress disorder can often effect children who have lived in instituional settings. (Read Doctor Rogu's thoughts about PTSD)


Question: I have a video and medical on a 10 year old little girl from Russia. She appears very normal and healthy. Her medical history says she has had streptodermia and acute glomerulonephritis (hematuria type). Chronic glomerulonephritis in remission. What is this medical problem? (Read Doctor Reilly's answer about Glomerulonephritis)


Question: What are some strategies that I as parent can implement to help my child rehabilitate from the institutional care setting? (Read Doctor Rogu's answer about adjustment)


Question: Is Leukemia is a problem specific to children adopted from China? Is there a test that could be performed for leukemia prior to adopting, and most importantly, does hereditary a play a key factor in the diagnosis? (Read Doctor Rogu's answer about Leukemia)



Psychologist: Doctor Lerner

Psychological Screening:

Question: What are the recommended psychological screening tests and evaluations for the newly adopted post-institutionalized children? (Read Doctor Lerner's answer about Psychological Screening)

Adoption Stress:

Question: At a recent presentation, I heard Dr. Lerner use the words, "Adoption Stress." Could he explain the concept here? (Read Doctor Lerner's answer about Adoption Stress)



Social Worker: Leslie Zindulka's

Post Placement Visits by a Social Worker:

Question: What is the purpose of post- placement visits and what do they cover? (Read Leslie Zindulka's answer about Post Placement Visits)

Adoption Profiles:

Question: What is an adoptive parent profile?(Read Leslie Zindulka's answer about Adoption Profiles)

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