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Adopt a Child: Adoptive Parents Make Good Parents

Children of Adoption Get More Attention

Thinking that it might be time to adopt a child? A recent study on adoption has shown that adoptive parents spend more time and money on their children than children living with biological parents. The study compares parents who adopt versus parents who care for biological children.

In the study, "Adoptive Parents, Adaptive Parents: Evaluating the Importance of Biological Ties for Parental Investment," researchers looked in to the amount of time and money parents spent with their children – both adopted and biological.

The study dispels myths that biological parents do a better job of raising their children than adoptive parents. The study also provides evidence that same-sex couples invest as much in their adopted children as biological parents. Parents who adopt a child make good parents.

The study by the American Sociological Review looked at four factors to determine how adoptive and biological parents spent their resources. It reviewed economic, interactional, social and cultural capital.

Looking at factors like the number of books, use of a computer in the home and enrollment in private schools along with activities like reading together, math related study, extracurricular actives and cultural events.

The researchers also looked in to the way adoptive parent's assisted their children with schoolwork and the number of meals eaten with the child. The study's authors determined that children who were adopted spend more time with their parents than children who are biological.

According to the authors of the study, "the two-adoptive-parent family structure is remarkably similar to the two-biological-parent-family structure in that it provides adoptive children an advantage over children in other alternative family structures," the authors say.

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