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Adoption Acronyms: A Guide to Common Adoption Acronyms.

Adoptions bring forth a long list of acronyms which can be a challenge to prospective parents. This list of Adoption Acronyms can act as a guide.

AC Adoption Center also NAC Federal
office in Kiev Ukraine where you receive your referral
ACR Age of Child Requested (sometimes AOCR)
AD Adoptive Dad
AF Adoptive Father
AI Artificial Insemination
AM Adoptive Mother
AP Adoptive Parent/s
APC Yahoo group: a-parents-China (the "big list")
AYAP As Young As Possible

BC Birth Certificate
BC Because
BCIS Bureau of Customs & Immigration Services (now USCIS)
BF Birth Father
BIL Brother-in-Law (also SIL, MIL, FIL)
BM Birth Mother
BTW By The Way

CA Consulate Appointment
CCAA China Centre for Adoption Affairs (in China)
CIS Customs & Immigration Services (now USCIS)
CN Chinese Name
CoC Certificate of Citizenship

DD Dear Daughter
DH Dear Husband
DS Dear Son
DW Dear Wife
DOA Date Of Adoption
DOB Date Of Birth
DOE Department of Education – agency in Russia that issues referrals
DOR Date Of Referral
DOT Date Of Travel
DTC Dossier To China

FCC Families with Children from China: www.fwcc.org
FIL Father-in-Law
FP Fingerprint / Fingerprinting

HS Home Study / homestudy

IA International Adoption
I-600 Petition to Classify Orphan as an Immediate Relative
I-600A Application for Advance Processing of Orphan Petition
I-171H US federal approval to adopt foreign-born child
I-797 The new I-171H
INS Immigration & Naturalization Service (now USCIS)

Log In Date (official date recorded in CCAA logs)
LOI Letter Of Intent (SN adoptions)
LOL Laugh Out Loud

MIL Mother-in-Law
MOE Ministry of Education – agency in Russia that issues referrals

NAC Adoption Center also AC– agency in Ukraine that issues referrals
NSN Non-Special Needs

PA Permission to Adopt (SN adoptions)
PAC Yahoo group: Post-Adopt-China
PAP Prospective Adoptive Parent(s)
PPR Post Placement Report

RCC Yahoo group: RaisingChinaChildren
RAD Reactive Attachment Disorder

SAC Yahoo group: Single-Adopt-China
SIL Sister-in-Law
SN Special Needs
SW Social Worker

TA Travel Approval

USCIS US Customs & Immigration Services (Dept. of Homeland Security)

WC Waiting Child
WCC Yahoo group: WaitingChildrenChina

This page includes a helpful list of adoption acronyms.

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