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Out of Africa: For one local family, it’s been a long haul adopting two children from Ethiopia.

International Adoption Stories: Adoption Stories written by and about adoptive parents and their children.

Guatemalan Adoption Laws: A parents perspective on adoption from Guatemala.

Why International Adoption: Why International Adoption might be a great choice for you?

Focus on Adoption Implores Department of State to Implement Solutions For Children and Prevent Country Shutdown.

Adoption Means Family: Adoption runs throughout man's history as a noble and rewarding act that is full of love. Adoption, on an international scale, joins over 20,000 children with their adoptive parents per year in the US alone.

Reaching Arms International Adoptions Problems NEW!! RAI Lawsuit Filed by the State of Minnesota

China Adoption Rules: More Details Emerge about China's New Restrictions on Adoptive Parents.

India Adoption: New rules should ease the restrictions of foriegn adoptions from India.

Choosing the Best Country for You: Which Country Should You Adopt From?

Adopt a Child: Adoptive Parents Make Good Parents.

Share Your International Adoption Story: Prospective parents are searching the web for inspiration and information. Your story might make the difference in someone's adoption search. Share It!

China Adoption Stories
Russian Adoption Stories

An Adoptee's Story: The personal experience of an Adoptee from Romania.

Ask the Adoption Doctor: Dr. Rogu answers adoption related pediatric questions.

China Adoption News: New restrictions limit those who can adopt.

Featured International Adoption Agencies

Holt International Adoptions: An adoption agency with nearly 50 years of history.

Bethany Christian Services: Domestic and International Adoption Programs.

International Adoption Agencies: We've added new adoption agencies to our growing list.

An Adoption Overview: Adoption is an amazing journey of a family brought together through a variety of circumstances. A child and prospective parents from across the globe come together through adoption.

Pinnacle Studio Video Editing.com has some tools to help you edit the videos of your adoption. It makes them easy to share on DVD or sites like YouTube.